Cities of Ghost

New UoS Hydronomy Building Breaks Ground

Workers undeterred by proximity to scene of recent crime

by Winnie Kyte
Sea Seer University Desk

Undaunted by harrowing proximity to the scene of a recent mass killing of a number of alleged Qualgorn worshipers, Alderwoman Vana Prakkamalhatra took the ceremonial first shovel scoop of dirt out of the ground where the University’s new Hydronomy building is about to begin construction. “This facility will allow our pioneering university staff to conduct research into a number of exciting and difficult topics:” the alderwoman said in a prepared speech, “why are these waters so prone to necromantic infection? How much does the stone underneath us require reinforcements? What are the boundaries of Qualgorn territory and how may we parlay with them to ensure peaceful coexistence? How safe is this water for use in the household, and can it be made safer? These and many other questions can now be pursued literally at sea level.” The remarks drew solid applause from a surprisingly large crowd that had gathered on the north cliffs. The building will have several levels built directly into the cliff, and will be able to access both the small cove where the recent event transpired and caverns underneath and around. Construction has begun, but the real digging and structural work won’t start until later this week.


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