Cities of Ghost

So Called “Consultants” Choose To Fight Against Your Civil Liberties!

Mijha Hakik
Sea Seer contributing editor

Greetings, faithful readers! Mijha here, once again defending the liberties of ALL the citizens of Stormfare, not just the elite. You know I’m always here, digging up the truth from whatever rocks they choose to hide it under, all in service of the common man (or other any other species loyal to Stormfare)! Which brings me to today’s piece. It is well known now that the ruling body of this fine city has chosen to appoint a group known as the consultants in a bid to counter the criminal element of Stormfare. But what do we know about these so called “Consultants?” They are an appointed body of free agents, apparently answerable to no one, working FOR HIRE! Don’t tell me that doesn’t immediately arouse your suspicions right away! And what have they done so far? My sources indicate they’ve chosen to trample over the rights of free citizens local AND abroad! Just recently, they violently interfered with the legitimate religious observations of our citizens, attacking a simple religious ceremony to Qualgorn! And shortly thereafter, they run of to Mamban and get caught red handed by the locals in an attempt to invade and desecrate the properties of tax paying citizens. To make it worse, within the hour they flee back here and immediately abduct another citizen of an allied nation and interrogate him without charges! A merfolk, from right off our own coast, was KIDNAPPED by these loose cannons! And what has happened to him? My contacts with local law enforcement have been suspiciously silent on that regard. I can only hope the inevitable diplomatic incidents resulting from these two events raise the awareness of our “civil” leaders here in Stormfare, as it seems only a matter of time when the Consultants focus their abuses on us, the honest citizens of this city! Always looking out for you, this is Mijha, signing off.


downrightamazed downrightamazed

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