Cities of Ghost

Stormfare Elite Prepare for Mamban Trip, Holiday

Aristocrats excited for bi-annual fĂȘte, promise new business

by Marshallea Alexandratta
Sea Seer Society desk

In two days’ time, many of the city’s most celebrated aristocrats, nobles, and entrepreneurs will all make a pilgrimage south to Mamban for the famous All Delves’ Ball, a party hosted in the Center City at a secret location known only to invitees and revealed only minutes before the party begins. At this glorious event, which this humble reporter has been lucky enough to attend all five times this past decade, all the greatest Houses and Families from all over the Land gather to collude, ally, and liaise for the betterment of all. At this gathering in particular, it is expected to be announced by House del Luna that Lambra Helarc will ascend to the Matronhood of her House following the unfortunate death of her Patron, Drinnus. It is also anticipated that greater protections will be announced for the coastal trade routes in advance of more frequent and larger shipping sorties between Mamban and Stormfare.

I will be sending dispatches from the fĂȘte, so expect updates as the event carries on.


downrightamazed downrightamazed

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